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A great personal online presence is just as important as a quality brand for your business, and since you are the most important representative of your business, it’s important that the two are aligned.

Just like with face-to-face communication, you cannot get people to like you. However, you can present yourself at your best and let them decide if they want to work with you.

Your marketing communications are directly linked to how your audience sees you, and they can convey opinions about your business—both positive and negative—even before you engage directly with your customers.

With online marketing channels, the number of users you can reach is huge, but due to the size of your audience and the competition, both your personal and corporate brands need to stand out to be noticed.

Effective online marketing

The key aspects of online marketing are your website, social media profiles and content you create and share, and the principles are exactly the same as a physical store to attract and sell to new customers.

Think of your online business presence as a fashion store: your website represents your business; Social media is your window; and the content represents all your garments on display to show your customers what you can do. To maximize your success, all 3 must work together.

People won’t come into your store without liking your window dressing and they won’t know how good you are without looking at the different outfits you’ve produced. They won’t necessarily want to buy the clothes you’ve already made, but it gives them confidence that you’re good at what you do and will come to you when they need or want one.

And most importantly, you are the face of this shop – the person they associate with the shop, the quality of the products and services, and the overall customer experience.

In other words, aligning your personal and brand identity can create a competitive advantage for your business, providing additional exposure and building new customer relationships. Here are some benefits to consider:

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1. A brand with personality

Being yourself and showing a real human face is what sets a company apart. There are many companies out there, but their unique story and the people behind them set them apart. Keeping your online presence consistent with your corporate brand brings you closer to your customers and helps build trust with your target audience.

Put a human face to your business by sharing your personal stories and connecting with people on a regular basis. People buy from people, and they want to buy and work with people they like. Associating a familiar face with the company is an effective way to create and develop long-term relationships.

2. Consistent look and feel

A clear, presentable photo across all of your online profiles can help build a consistent personal brand. Using your logo and a cover photo that represents you and your business gives your visitors a better sense of your brand and helps you differentiate yourself and your business.
When you focus on brand imagery that makes your brand easily recognizable and relevant to you on a personal and professional level, you consistently remind your audience of your business and create connections with potential and existing customers.

3. Improved search visibility

The first thing people see when they search for a person on social media is their tagline. This could be a description of your role, a short bio, or a company description. Because slogans are so highly visible, they give you the opportunity to highlight your company’s news and achievements. It’s important to keep it as specific as possible, with keywords you want people to use to find you and a link back to your website so that you increase website traffic and improve SEO by promoting your website link to social media.

Implementing a strategy that makes your website easily searchable with all the relevant words that your visitors would search for gives your website extra exposure while also building your own brand.

4. Real results

Talking about your achievements and showing results is a powerful marketing tool. Tell people about your success, ask for recommendations and testimonials to highlight how great your company is and how good you are at what you do.

Additionally, sharing real-life stories is an effective way to showcase your style and quality of work, and also helps enlighten others. Proving that you can do the job and that you can do it well will help build trust with potential and existing customers and create more new business opportunities.

5. Regular communication

To keep your audience interested and engaged, it’s important to communicate with them regularly—not just on a formal level, but also on a personal level. People would want to hear from both you personally and your business, so balancing the two can give you double the benefits.

Be active and share relevant updates and content that your audience can relate to and learn from. Interact with others online, participate in discussions and be present in the right places to build a credible brand and online presence; After all, social media is all about interaction and engagement — not self-promotion.

last line

Never forget that marketing your business is all about the communication associated with your business. The principles are similar to any face-to-face communication: you will be judged on your looks and actions.

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