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Pear Analytics, a San Antonio-based SEO company, has announced that it is developing a new search engine optimization (SEO) value calculator. This SEO Score Calculator is designed to help businesses find out if an SEO campaign really makes sense and how it currently compares to their competitors. It takes into account various factors, such as the organic position of that keyword, the click-through rate of that organic position, and the keyword’s cost per click. You can try a free trial of the tool here:

The company says value is determined by looking at what current and potential organic traffic would cost if the company ran ads. “We’re really excited about this tool,” said Pear Analytics CEO and Founder Ryan Kelly. “It will be a valuable resource for businesses to measure the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns.”

“Our number one goal is to offer this tool to other agencies to sell the value of SEO and get more SEO deals, but also to show progress against the competition over time, which helps the agency improve SEO contract longer,” says Kelly.

The end product allows users to generate basic reports to help sell SEO work and then continues to measure performance on a monthly basis.

The company plans to offer the tool for free to its customers and will have a pay-per-use model for other users. Additionally, there will be a white label option that other SEO agencies or digital marketing agencies can use for their clients to sell the benefits of SEO.

Pear Analytics offers different types of digital marketing services. These include: PPC management services; website development and design; advanced marketing analytics; digital services for non-profit organizations; custom dashboards and reports; content marketing; social media marketing and management; and marketing automation. Anyone interested in learning more about the company and its services can visit its YouTube channel at

Pay per click (PPC) management services are used for general online leads and sales, allowing the client business to rank at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for their desired keywords. Clients are guaranteed placement regardless of their SEO efforts. The company’s team of experienced SEO specialists focuses on helping the company achieve its goal with Google Ads services.

With their website development and design services, clients can achieve their business goals through modern websites that can deliver more leads like clockwork. The company’s team of experienced web designers can help develop a website for the client that not only looks good but also works well, complementing the client’s SEO efforts and most importantly, converting website visitors into customers.

Pear Analytics’ team of SEO experts also has extensive experience in predictive marketing analytics. This gives customers all the tools they need to be successful.

You can also provide custom digital marketing dashboards and reports. This allows clients to monitor their progress and see how their digital marketing efforts are impacting their company’s bottom line.

Content marketing is also an important service of Pear Analytics. This involves creating valuable content that will attract links and traffic from other websites. They have a team of experienced writers capable of writing quality content that will help the website rank higher on Google and get more leads that can be converted into customers.

Founded in 2008, Pear Analytics has grown from a simple group of SEO experts to a full-service digital marketing agency with expertise across multiple disciplines. Kelly founded the company in the home office with a special focus on marketing measurement and analytics. In 2019, the entire Pear Analytics team was permanently laid off due to COVID-19. This decision had not only resulted in significant cost savings, but also significant productivity gains and overall team satisfaction.

Those interested in learning more about Pear Analytics and their services can visit their website and book a free strategy session. Or view them on LinkedIn at


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