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Jim Ross was the voice of WWE for many years. He is often considered the greatest wrestling commentator of all time. Throughout his life, Ross has worked for many wrestling promotions and interacted with countless talents. He’s also famous for his JR’s BBQ sauce and weekly podcast. Crickets Jr.

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JR began his podcasting journey in 2014 with The Ross Report. In 2019, Ross partnered with Conrad Thompson and debuted Grilling JR, where he often talks about the past and sometimes even shares great wrestling stories. There’s a lot to learn from Good ‘Ol JR, and here’s just a sampling of what fans have gleaned from his podcast.


10 Why Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan didn’t happen

Dream Matches are often used to set up pay-per-view main events. There used to be a lot of great wrestlers that people wanted to see fight each other. One of the biggest wrestling dream matches happened between Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan, but it didn’t happen.

On the Grilling Jr podcast, Jim Ross revealed why Austin refused to face Hogan. Ross indicated that The Texas Rattlesnake didn’t want a match resembling Hogan’s fight against The Undertaker Judgment Day 2002.

9 Vince McMahon’s Pet-Peeves

Vince McMahon is a man of routine. He has set a framework for meetings that everyone follows. This includes not sneezing or coughing. This includes being alert and just being prepared. According to JR, there is absolutely no tolerance for sneezing or coughing. Arn Anderson once said that if someone sneezed or coughed in front of Vince, “they would look at those people like they wanted them dead.”

8th Randy Orton almost went unsigned

Randy Orton has since become an integral part of the WWE program. The Viper started his wrestling career in WWE and quickly became a top star. But his past nearly cost him that opportunity, according to Jim Ross.

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Ross once shared Orton’s recruiting story and how Vince McMahon refused to sign him because of his past. Many fans know that Orton was fired from the US Marines for bad behavior and Vince, out of patriotism, didn’t want to hire Randy for it. It took some time, but Jim convinced McMahon to give Orton a second chance.

7 Vince McMahon Kept Survivor Series 1997 Complete a mystery in front of him

The Montreal Screwjob was one of the most controversial nights in wrestling history. It happened at Survivor Series 1997, and very few people knew about it in advance. Jim Ross was Head of Talent Relations at the time, and that was the main reason McMahon hid the changed finish from him.

McMahon’s reasoning was that he didn’t want the dressing room to doubt JR. If Vince had told JR and Ross hadn’t told anyone about it, the wrestlers would think he was backing the move.

6 Vince McMahon never liked Raven

When Raven came to WWE, people had high hopes for him. He found success in ECW and Jim Ross hired him to replicate his success in WWE. Unfortunately, Raven faced his biggest obstacle in WWE that he couldn’t overcome: Vince McMahon.

Most fans are familiar with the infamous “Who the f*** hired Raven?” question McMahon asked during a meeting. Raven had support from many people in WWE, but after seeing McMahon’s reaction, they turned their backs on him.

In August 2019, Jim Ross spoke about the time he heard NWA promoters plotting the assassination of Vince McMahon. He and Bill Watts drove to Kansas City to meet with one of the promoters. When Jim was in the men’s room, some people came in and started talking about Vince. At the time, McMahon was growing WWE and the promoters were mad at him for it.

Suddenly one of the promoters said he could have McMahon killed for $700. Trying to be as discreet as possible, Ross later told Watts about it, but he didn’t take it seriously.

4 Vince McMahon had personal animosity towards him

Speaking of the October 10, 2005 episode Monday night Raw, Jim Ross once said on his podcast that Vince McMahon eventually stopped respecting his work. He wanted someone younger to come in as JR’s replacement and felt there was some personal animosity at play.

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This was the episode where Ross got fired from his commentary position on screen and in real life. Ross also said on his podcast that he wasn’t ready to leave wrestling just yet.

3 Ross turned down Raw Reunion

In 2019, WWE attempted to improve Raw’s rating with a special Raw goodbye episode in Tampa. Several legends such as Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena appeared during this episode. Jim Ross was one of the people WWE invited, but he turned down the offer.

On the Grilling JR podcast, Ross said he didn’t show up Raw because he didn’t want to send the wrong message to the AEW roster. At the time, AEW was new and hadn’t even made its television debut. Jim didn’t want the younger wrestlers to think he was getting off AEW. He also cited WWE Creative as one of the reasons he didn’t go back.

2 Owen Hart pranked Vince McMahon

Owen Hart was a notorious prankster. On an episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross recalled a prank played by Owen Vince McMahon. While In your house: Seasons spankingTriple H and Henry Godwinn had a hog pen match.

When the truck full of barn animals arrived, Owen directed the driver to Vince’s office. McMahon was furious about this, and while everyone knew who was behind it, no one spoke up.

Vince McMahon prefers to micromanage everything, including the commentators. When Jim Ross used to work for WWE, McMahon would often yell at commentators over the headset. Ross wasn’t the only one who didn’t like it.

Earlier this year, Ross spoke about it on his podcast. He showed his appreciation to Tony Khan for allowing him to do things his way and not yell at him.

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