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Are the teams in your company communicating effectively when it comes to SEO?

Or do they seem to work on their own island?

How do you keep everyone in the loop as the digital landscape continues to change?

Let’s start with something everyone in silos understands: getting discovered online is essential to achieving your business goals.

Getting found on SERPs requires a comprehensive SEO strategy that touches all aspects of the website and involves all teams involved.

On July 27th, I hosted a webinar with Patrick Reinhart, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Customer Success at Conductor.

Reinhart showed how you can bring your team together to spot SEO issues before they hurt your rankings — and your bottom line.

Here is a summary of the webinar.

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How silos affect growth

SEO is a team sport; you know that.

You also know the main problem here – not everyone knows that they are on a team.

Additionally, executives say SEO takes too long, but you know SEO doesn’t take too long—it takes companies too long.

Most of the time, SEO teams struggle to get support from groups and executives. With silos and no leadership involvement, growing your business will be difficult.

To make it short:

  • Silos = flat growth.
  • No Silos = High Growth.

Don’t create silos within your organization if you’re a leader.

Conductor asked hundreds how long it takes low-growth companies to launch a new web page, change a title tag, and change a meta description compared to high-growth companies.

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How organizational agility can break down silos and accelerate success

That has been established 72% of things people do are simply tweaks to day-to-day operations.

Conductor, July 2022

If your business slows down for these day-to-day tasks, you risk losing business to competitors who are faster at ideating, creating, and implementing.

That’s why organizational agility is so important for SEO.

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So who needs to hear this? Which teams should you focus on first when breaking down silos?

The 3 teams you need to run a successful campaign

In order to run a successful campaign and think about organizational agility, it’s important to break down the walls that separate these three key teams:

8 ways to break the silo mentality and increase business agilityConductor, July 2022

So today we’re going to uncover how to get the people in those separate silos to unite for success.

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How to break the silo mentality and increase business agility

1. Embrace reality.

Be honest and assess whether you are a low or high growth company.

2. Talk to each other.

One of the biggest gains you can make is meeting people and building relationships with them.

Make sure you capture their level of understanding and be the teacher.

You have to educate.

3. Send reports and make sure people read them.

Send reports at regular intervals and make the visualization easy to understand.

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4. Evangelize inwardly.

Most people don’t know what all this means, so teach them. Educate the company by:

  • Guide stakeholders through reports.
  • Hosting Lunch & Learns.
  • Recognize people who do a good job.
  • Consciously take time for education.

5. Celebrate victories publicly.

Tell people they’re doing a good job.

Highlight stories through emails/videos, tie them into important department updates, or even create swag for them to show off!

6. Promote friendly competition.

Gamify the experience!

Reward the best performing content for the web, who processed the most tickets, or other easy and inexpensive ways like free lunches, gift cards, and happy hour!

7. Eliminate process inefficiencies.

Find and eliminate inefficiencies in your processes.

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8. Follow people.

Be persistent, consistent, attentive, and annoying.

Once you start the conversation and other teams see how easy it is, they will understand how important it is to the business.

Ultimately, it’s all about creating content and experiences that speak to the hearts and minds of your customers. Once you do that, the search engines will follow.

The only algorithm that matters is the needs and wants of your customers.

You need to build systems that facilitate teamwork so your organization is agile and you can connect with your users for long-term success.

[Slides] 8 ways to break the silo mentality and increase business agility

Here is the presentation:

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