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GoDaddy is the world’s largest service platform for entrepreneurs around the world. GoDaddy is dedicated to empowering our global community of more than 20 million customers – and entrepreneurs around the world – by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online. Our vision is to radically shift the global economy toward life-fulfilling independent ventures.

As a brand, we offer more than just a platform to build your dream business website, we provide everything you need to create a powerful, lasting online presence. We also offer hosting plans that keep it online, fast and secure. Our business email helps you build a professional image, while our online marketing tools allow business owners to go online with an SEO friendly website. We’re a one-stop shop for getting your idea online, backed by knowledgeable, one-on-one support from GoDaddy Guides.

We are aware that India is predominantly a DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) market where clients rely on “technical specialists” to develop a website for them. GoDaddy has a long history of partnering with small business owners in local marketplaces across the country. GoDaddy has built a strong ecosystem of knowledgeable online professionals who help us make the internet relevant to everyone. GoDaddy has developed a special collection of bundled tools under the hub of GoDaddy Progeared towards the needs of web designers and developers to further serve the growing community of web professionals in the US.

As part of our effort to drive more online adoption across the nation, we launched the Online Starter Pack, an all-in-one internet solution that offers: an India-specific domain name (.IN and .CO.IN), a one-page starter website, and a secure professional email account. The idea was to make it easier for local businesses, especially those in smaller areas, to start online businesses at an affordable rate of INR 54 per month. We also offer websites + marketingthat combines a website builder with a suite of marketing tools, VPS, and dedicated servers for slightly more demanding businesses.

Additionally, GoDaddy’s 24-hour customer service is a key benefit. For non-English speaking business owners in India’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, GoDaddy offers customer service in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu in addition to English. Every three minutes, a customer is approached by the company’s 1,000 or so customer service representatives, who offer support via chat, voice, bots, and other channels.

Recently, GoDaddy also opened its first data center in India to support the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem that is increasing the need for resources that can ensure improved web performance, better user experience, and tight security. Hosting your website in a data center in India would improve your websites speed and performance. Here are a few more reasons why businesses should consider GoDaddy hosting:

1. Improved server response time

Website performance is affected by the user’s proximity to the web server. By minimizing the number of networks that data must travel across, website speed and user experience can be greatly improved. Our new and improved server hosting platform and hardware will reduce server response time by 40%.

2. Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Sites with large downloads like movies and lots of high-resolution photos require enhanced Wi-Fi transmissions. With our server NVMe SSDs in the new India Hosting Center, users can enjoy a 7x increase in throughput compared to standard SSDs.

3. 24/7 network protection

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our security team is constantly monitoring, stopping suspicious activity and mitigating DoS attempts. Additionally, to protect visitor data, we offer many layers of server-level security.

4. Improved SEO

Customers automatically get an Indian IP address when using a local hosting company. This will improve your Google rating, make your search results more relevant to users in India and drive free traffic to your website.

5. CPU and RAM resources

For a high level of performance, high-traffic sites such as B. E-commerce websites, extensive resources. With the help of our deployment methods, users can get the CPU and RAM resources for better performance.

The India Data Center will enhance customer perceptions of GoDaddy hosting, expand its hosting portfolio and support web designers and developers in building websites and applications for customers headquartered in India. Examples of use cases are high traffic websites, e-commerce sites, resource-intensive apps, etc. Additionally, it will support industries that adhere to regulatory compliance by allowing them to store their data in Indian data centers.

GoDaddy’s main target market and hosting customers are web developers and designers. The community influences the business owner’s decision-making when choosing the best hosting provider, in addition to buying hosting for their own internal use and to offer it to their customers. With an average improvement in server response times of up to almost 40%, India Data Center’s newly optimized hosting offers excellent user experience and increases traffic through better SEO.

Today, as the world recovers from the effects of COVID-19, GoDaddy is committed to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world with some product and prize incentives, philanthropic initiatives, and relevant third-party collaborations to help them to survive and thrive online .

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