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You can never imagine the world as a small community without thinking of the social media space. Social media has opened up the world and made it easier for different people to connect regardless of their geographic location. Online streaming platforms are gradually replacing traditional music distribution channels, as are podcasts, which are replacing mainstream radio.

For example, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular around the world as many find them easy to relate to. The themes are tailored to a specific audience, which makes them more appealing. In addition, unlike radio stations, podcasts do not have as many restrictions, which significantly affects their popularity.

Felix Levine is one of the top podcasters using space to make a difference in society. Felix is ​​the host of the Where’s This Going podcast, a popular show in the country. The young 22-year-old New York entrepreneur drew inspiration from the likes of Joe Rogan and Andrew Schulz, two of the top podcasters (and comedians) in the world. Felix speaks outwardly about his admiration for how Rogan brings out the best in his guests and how fluid the conversation is. Levine’s admiration for Schulz stems from their similar backgrounds and how “Schulz has revolutionized individual marketing and self-promotion, while simultaneously producing extremely high-quality content that pushes the boundaries of political correctness in the most brilliant of ways.”

With few but limited resources, Felix founded his first show in April 2019 as a freshman at UC Santa Barbara.

“I’d heard about podcasts, especially Joe Rogan, who was big then but wasn’t anywhere close to where he is now, and I started listening to him between classes, during meals, or even while I was biking to the Classes went on, I was intrigued to hear all of his interesting guests and how much I was learning from talking to two people in a comfortable environment and I started thinking how cool it would be to have the opportunity to mingle with some of these fascinating people to put together things that I’ve always admired or aroused my curiosity about,” explains Felix.

Three years later, Felix has transformed his dream by creating his own hugely popular show. He has also built a passionate audience with listeners in over 65 countries around the world. Incredibly, Felix has amassed over a million views and downloads on his videos. He has also built a solid social media presence with over 45,000 Instagram followers. Looking at his guest list, Levine has been able to secure seating with the likes of current NYC Mayor Eric Adams, NYT bestselling authors like Mark Manson, social media stars like Harry Jowsey, and even former hitman of notorious mob boss John Gotti Sr ., John Alite.

The road to the top can no doubt be tough, and not everyone is lucky enough to see their dreams come true in life. Felix describes his journey as exciting, full of ups and downs, but of course also fulfilling. His biggest challenge was getting started, specifically trying to mix everything from scratch.

“I had no previous work to present myself for, no previous fans or listeners. I was just another college kid. Also, producing a quality show with the right equipment, studio, post production, etc. is extremely time consuming and expensive and I would put every single dollar I had into trying for years, all as professionally as make it look possible,” says Felix.

In the future, Felix wants to continue expanding his show and bringing in the most interesting possible guests he can find. “I just love picking the brains of people who have stories or lives that are so different from mine. That’s where I learn the most.” At 22 and just out of Boston University, Felix seems to be on that path.

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