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If a woman dared say a few years ago that the item of clothing she is wearing was used or bought from a thrift store, she would definitely be frowned upon. Recently, the idea has become more acceptable as some people have become more aware of the ill effects of fast fashion and, of course, increasing shopping budgets.

For such an idea or a concept that would be seen as outside the norm or non-traditional, especially in certain social classes, someone had to come out and normalize the idea of ​​used clothing, speaking from personal experience, but above all that person should someone its a lot other women from all walks of life and ages can relate to.

With an insatiable urge to be an inspiration for a new change, Sandra Fares started her Facebook group, Tales of Shopping, two and a half years ago. Through this group, Sandra has defied all misconceptions about used clothing and encouraged women to shop smart where they can buy trendy items in good condition and with a lot less money. Today, this group has grown into a shopping guide for 291,000 members, where Sandra shares smart shopping tips and where to shop for less. In addition, and given her success, Sandra also collaborates with prestigious local and international brands, where she offers competitions and special discounts to group members.

Sandra is a multidisciplinary person; With a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Graphic Design, Sandra has also studied Digital Marketing and Jewelry Design and is a certified Stylist. Sandra has constantly improved and developed her skills and has been able to combine everything she has learned into what she loves most: fashion.

Her journey wasn’t easy, especially for a woman her age popping up in a wild industry of thrift stores and flea markets. She has faced multiple challenges and fought tough battles with those who monopolize the industry, but despite everything she has faced, the obstacles that have thrown her way and competitors’ attempts to expand their social media Having platforms disabled allowed it to grow and thrive.

“If you try to create something different or non-traditional, you will either be copied or opposed. Anyone with a track record of success has earned it the hard way because the road to success is never easy, it’s a tough road full of hardship, rivalry and people who hate to see you grow and will try to bring you down. But it takes strong will, resilience and determination to keep going, and I’ve never stopped fighting for something I believed in and I didn’t let those difficulties get in my way,” says Sandra

Sandra strives to change the way women think and normalize misconceptions about shopping that are usually not welcome in our society.

“I hope that one day women can stop defining themselves by what they wear or how much they spend on groceries. Our value as women is never related to the things we wear or where we shop,” says Sandra

To learn more about Sandra on a personal level, we asked her these questions:

Text or call?

Write sms

Pizza and movie night or party?

Being in my 30’s I enjoy staying at home more now.

your favorite holiday destination

Wherever the sea is.

One thing you want to change about yourself

I wish I could be less stubborn and learn to slow down when necessary.

And one thing you like most about yourself

Be overambitious.

3 things you can’t live without

My daughter, my mother and my work.

If you had a magic lamp that could fulfill your every wish, what would it be?

To see my girl grow up happily becoming the best version of herself and also to see my work grow and expand.

Your ultimate style icon

Noha El Sherbini “Satisfashion”.

If you were to play the role of a fashion designer in a movie, who would it be?

Eli Saab.

Advice you would give to your younger self

Work on yourself as early as possible.

Finally, a favorite quote or motto in life

Fall down seven times, stand up eight times.

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