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Together for the Common Good (T4CG) is looking for a “communications partner” on a freelance basis to improve our external and internal digital communications.

The information here is intended as a starting point for discussions with people interested in the position and with partners who may be able to help us find the right person. A formal job description will be provided in due course.

We are looking for someone to start out working 4 hours a week, flextime, with the possibility of increasing the hours thereafter, subject to funding. In addition, we need up to 30 hours of time within the first month to evaluate our current external and internal communication and provide advice if necessary.

Our goal is to start working with our partner from the beginning of September. Anyone interested in the opportunity should therefore contact by Friday 22nd July 2022.


core goals

Expand the audience through the website and social media
Gain more engagement with the target group*, e.g. B. Staying longer on the website, direct contact or via the

Website, download resources, donate, get involved in our programs
Use social media technologies to create, maintain and build engagement with and between our partners

Program participants, thereby growing and nurturing the T4CG family

* Target Audience = Church leaders, churchgoers, community partners, community workers, prospective donors, prospective volunteers, other alliances and networks


SEO advice (captivating headlines, keywords, internal links, meta descriptions, alt tags etc.)
Training in writing and keyword research

Google Analytics:

a) Advice on how best to interpret the data to improve performance
b) Report traffic regularly and highlight which pages are doing well
c) Use SEO metrics to inform advertising and content strategies

Social Media (currently featuring Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube)

Provide initial strategic advice including which social media platforms to focus on and best practices to maximize positive reach and engagement (while minimizing unhelpful or negative engagement).
Repurpose existing content to adapt to different platforms, audiences and distribution methods/frequency by using news, stories and input from leading thinkers on the site (this content is published every two months in a newsletter).
Post this content regularly on agreed platforms
Monitor and report on engagement/following across all platforms used

Platform Advice

Linkedin – how to best use Linkedin. Close T4CG company page when not required?
YouTube – How can we best develop our use of YouTube (keep quality consistent with brand)
Facebook – whether you want to be on Facebook. If so, for what purpose and how is an account managed and monitored

What other platforms could be used to bring the audience back to the T4CG website?

Advice on ways to streamline internal communication systems (email, calendar, contact database, etc.)
Ensure privacy, security, systems and data backup are robust and effective

Excited about the T4CG vision
A practicing Christian
Can work effectively both alone and in a team
Excellent digital communication skills
Extensive knowledge of social media
Experience in managing social media accounts
Knowledge & experience in SEO and Google Analytics
Confident use of e-mail applications and Office software from Apple and Microsoft

Together for the Common Good is dedicated to the renewal of our spiritual and civic life.
Our vision of human prosperity centers on God’s people embodying and bringing love to a defiled world

bringing alienated people together and making sure no one is left behind.
We counteract a corrosive culture of individualism, distrust and division by providing training and resources

Common good thinking and practices that empower people to nurture covenant relationships and restore a sense of home and belonging.
We provide tailored programs for communities and schools, provide coaching for community leaders, build strategic partnerships and engage in public dialogue.

Together for the common good –

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