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In recent years, those with a Netflix subscription have been treated to some truly amazing Korean dramas we are all dead and the incredibly popular Squid Game (which gets its own competition series). Well, we can now add the new comedy/crime series Cafe Minamdang to the list of shows that have found a way to break the language barrier and are gaining popularity on the streaming service.

If you’ve seen the eye-catching title card while you’ve been watching (or just hearing about) all the top Netflix shows of 2022 and want to know more, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a quick breakdown of things you should know about the show such as: B. what it is about, its cast and how Cafe Minamdang will be released on the popular streaming service.

Seo In-guk at Minamdang Cafe

(Image credit: Netflix)

Café Minamdang focuses on a disgraced criminal profiler turned con artist who acts as a shaman

The incredibly stylish and fast Cafe Minamdang follows Nam Han-joon (Seo In-guk), a disgraced former criminal profiler turned con artist who runs a mysterious business posing as a shaman. Despite his moral ambiguity and looks, the brilliant proprietor can’t help but use his experience and personality to help his various clients. And then there’s Han Jae-hee (Oh Yeon-seo), an incredibly perceptive detective who tries to get to the bottom of the charlatan’s business and history.

A blindfolded man in the Minamdang cafe

(Image credit: Netflix)

The series is based on a South Korean web novel titled Minamdang: Case Note

The story and the characters were represented throughout Cafe Minamdang are based on the award-winning Korean web novel Minamdang: case note, which was written by Jeong Jae-han. According to the Korean news agency JTBC, the novel won the top prize in the KakaoPage Mobile Novel Contest. The series was adapted by Park Hye-jin, who previously had success with shows like The Emperor: owner of the mask.

a view of the Minamdang cafe

(Image credit: Netflix)

The series originally aired on KBS2 but will now be released on Netflix

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