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One of the hottest words of 2021, the metaverse aims to offer us all a parallel virtual universe. The Metaverse opens up a whole new world of economic prospects, from virtual music events to NFT-based products, to name a few. In addition, popular music artists Snoop Dogg, Imagine Dragons and BTS have held virtual concerts in the Metaverse.

The concept was introduced in 1992, and since Facebook rebranded to Meta in late October 2021, Metaverse has been heard everywhere. However, how many of you know what the metaverse is? Will it be the next big thing in human history?

Here is a curated list of online Metaverse courses from beginner to expert level.

1. Metaverse Masterclass

There are no minimum requirements for this course and upon completion, students will be able to understand what the Metaverse is and how NFTs are shaping its future. Senior Blockchain Project Manager Henrique Centieiro runs this course on Udemy.

course content

– About Metaverse?

– A brief overview of gaming, cryptocurrencies, web 3.0, blockchain and NFTs

– Several branches disrupted by the Metaverse

– Metaverse related tokens

– How to fund and make a profit in the Metaverse

– Asset Classes, Metaverse Land Holdings

Duration: 3 hours

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2. Specialization in Virtual Reality

Coursera offers Virtual Reality Specialization from the University of London. The course does not cover the metaverse directly, but covers the more important aspect. It’s a beginner’s course that helps learners create their own VR games.

course content

– Basics of VR, application, history and psychology

– Basics of 3D graphics

– Introduction to VR concepts and technologies

– Create your own VR game or project

Duration: 6 months (approx.)

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3. Introduction to User Experience Design

The SuperHi Introduction to User Experience Design course gives beginners the skills to create hands-on, intuitive experiences for users.

course content

– UX design process + how it differs from a traditional graphic design process

– Popular research methods and how to turn insights into personas, user journeys, sitemaps and user flows

– How to run user tests with real people, get feedback and make informed design decisions

– How to create wireframes and prototypes to hand over to clients and stakeholders

– How to conduct user testing and turn feedback into insights to make design decisions

– Move from wireframe to design and create consistent, effective designs

Duration: 6 hours

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4. Expert program in Metaverse

The Frameboxx 2.0 Expert Program in Metaverse course takes care of all the important facets of the metaverse. The course provides in-depth knowledge of development software from Photoshop to Mozilla Hub.

course content

– Learn how to create 2D and 3D graphics

– Optimize graphic assets to be used

– Understand avatar and character creation

– Create engaging interactions

– Create and publish your metaverse

Duration: 3 months

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5. Certified Metaverse Expert

The Blockchain Council course aims to provide a deeper understanding of the metaverse and give you a glimpse into the emerging future of the web and the way we will interact with it. Completing this certification will allow you to understand the Metaverse more effectively, giving you a significant advantage in the newly emerging digital world.

course content

– Understand the Metaverse and its development in Web 3.0

– Learn about the technologies used in Metaverse

– Know the tools used to create metaverses

– Importance of blockchain adoption

– Identify the different use cases of Metaverse

Duration: 5 hours

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6. Introduction to Metaverse and how to invest in it

This is the course if you are looking for a quick metaverse course due to time constraints. Designed by digital entrepreneur Ali Matar, this course on SkillShare will help you take small steps into the world of metaverse.

course content

– Briefly about the Metaverse

– What is the connection/relationship between the Metaverse and NFTs

– Where to invest in the Metaverse

Duration: 33 minutes

For further information, click here.

7. Introduction to AR, VR and MR basics

Coursera offers this suitable course for newcomers who are looking for an initial knowledge of the Metaverse blockchain.

course content

– Get to know the automation behind augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality

– Examine a comprehensive consecutive approach that emphasizes how all underlying technologies play an important role behind the functions of the metaverse

– Develop hands-on experience in this area

Duration: 24 hours

For further information, click here.

If you’re looking to dive into the Metaverse business world, this two-part Udemy course might be the right choice.

The course offered by Alex Genadinik helps beginners to acquire knowledge about AR and VR, and in the second part Genadinik discusses numerous generation-appropriate business ideas.

course content

– Introduction to AR and VR

– Lucrative business idea for AR apps

– Learn how to provide freelance services in the AR and VR space

– Learn how to outsource developers to create AR apps

Duration: 4.5 hours

For further information, click here.

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