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Callaway offers a wide range of golf balls for every golfer. With an emphasis on a high energy core, Callaway golf balls have great aerodynamics and fantastic feel off the green.

Callaway has made great strides in the golf ball market over the past 20 years and the signing of Jon Rahm in 2021 proved an inspired move as the tall Spaniard quickly won the US Open with the Callaway Chrome Soft X.

Phil Mickelson also used the ball when he unbelievably won the USPGA, while it was also the utility ball for Olympic champion Xander Schauffele.

The trio is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of leading professional golfers using Chrome Soft, but Callaway golf balls have always been a great option for avid amateurs and those with slower swing speeds. The Supersoft has proven incredibly successful with its focus on helping you get the ball in the air.

Here we walk you through each model, who they are for, what they are made of and

If you’re a big Callaway fan, check out our feature on the best Callaway drivers and our guide to which Callaway iron is best for you.

But let’s start with a look at the best Callaway golf balls…

The Chrome Soft X LS is one of Callaway's best golf balls

Callaway Chrome Soft X / Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf balls

RRP £39.99 per dozen | VIEW OFFER (X) | VIEW OFFER (XLS)
Construction of golf balls
Four piece with cast urethane covers | Colours White, Yellow, Truvis

After watching both Jon Rahm and Phil Mickelson win majors with the same Callaway ball, and knowing that this was our pros’ ball of choice for all of our 2021 club testing, it would be easy to choose the Chrome Soft X as the overall better option to decide the two premium Callaway balls. But our tests have shown that there is quite a difference between them.

The lower-spinning X LS was our test pro’s longest tour ball with the driver (he swings the driver at 110 mph), and it was just a meter behind the very longest (the Srixon Z-Star and Wilson Staff Model R) with one 7-iron (see graphic above for 7-iron comparison with Titleist Pro V1).

The Chrome Soft X is one of Callaway's best golf balls

Add the performance of the driver and iron together and the XL LS was 15 meters ahead of the Chrome Soft X, making it one of the best golf balls for distance.

Callaway says that to get the best of both balls, players need to swing the driver at over 105 mph (lower speeds should check out the standard Chrome Soft – see below).

Imagine the X offering lower, more penetrating ball flight and a little more full greenside wedge and spin, and you really won’t go too far wrong.

The XL LS is a brilliant option for high-speed players who crave extra yards off the tee.

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The Chrome Soft is one of Callaway's best golf balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

RRP £39.99 per dozen | TO OFFER
Construction of golf balls Four piece with urethane cover | Colours White, Yellow, Truvis

The original Chrome Soft was developed from a very different place than other premium balls. Callaway wanted it to resonate with club golfers. While the market leaders focused on driver-optimized balls (which have firmer compression), Callaway wanted the Chrome Soft to come from a shot-winning perspective, and not just driver optimization.

While a typical club golfer’s 80-85 round is 10-14 drives and 30 putts, there are 20-25 iron and hybrid shots that can be supported by a ball’s design, and that’s where the Chrome Soft fundamentals lie.

According to Callaway, most Chrome Soft players should swing the driver at less than 100 mph. We assume that many club golfers will choose between this and the slightly cheaper ERC Soft.

The ERC Soft’s three-piece construction doesn’t have a urethane cover, but Callaway says it’s their fastest soft ball, which is worth remembering if your game prefers a fraction more speed and distance over short game/wedge spin.

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The ERC Soft is one of the best Callaway golf balls

Callaway ERC soft golf balls

RRP £36.99 per dozen | TO OFFER
Construction of golf balls
Three-piece cover made of hybrid blend fabric | Colours White yellow

The ERC Soft, Callaway’s longest soft golf ball, is a modern hybrid ball. Its three-piece construction is rare in this category, but by creating a hybrid glare cover it aims for all-round performance characteristics such as soft feel, great speed and decent spin values ​​for reasonable money (£3.08 per ball).

Plus, it has the brilliant Triple Track alignment lines that make stringing putts an absolute breeze. It’s a great option and one of the best golf balls for medium handicap players.

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The Supersoft is one of Callaway's best golf balls

Callaway Supersoft / Callaway Supersoft Max

RRP £22.99 per dozen | VIEW OFFER (SS) | VIEW OFFER (SS Max)
Construction of golf balls
Two-piece cover made of hybrid blend fabric | Colours White, shiny yellow, matte red, matte green, matte pink, matte orange

At £22.99 per dozen (£1.92 per ball), it’s no surprise that Supersoft is Callaway’s most popular ball and one of the most played golf balls by mid to high handicappers.

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The Supersoft Max is one of Callaway's best golf balls

It’s a great option for the average club golfer who wants to lose too many and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on balls. Thanks to its high launch tendencies, the Supersoft is a very good choice to maximize distance at moderate speeds.

And if you find the look of a bigger ball gives extra confidence, the oversized (but still legal) Supersoft Max is the ball for you.

We personally think it’s one of the best golf balls for beginners and higher handicappers, and we love the wide range of color options.

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The Reva is one of Callaway's best golf balls

Callaway REVA golf balls for women

RRP £19.99 per dozen | TO OFFER
Construction of golf balls
Tri-Blend Ionomer Cover | Colours pearl pink

Specifically designed to help women achieve more distance, the Callaway Reva golf ball is effectively a women’s version of the Supersoft Max. It’s actually the same ball, just with different packaging, color choices and alignment graphics.

It’s designed with Callaway’s Tri-Blend Ionomer Cover, which the brand says it developed specifically for women golfers. It maximizes distance and forgiveness on your swing and is designed for longer, straighter shots from ball speed, high launch and low spin while delivering an impressively soft feel.

The Reva is oversized, measuring 0.05 inches larger than a “regular” golf ball. It is designed for players with moderate swing speeds who don’t always make perfect contact. The idea is that the larger size boosts your confidence with every shot, resulting in more consistent contact for better results and is ideal for beginners and seniors alike.

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The Warbird is one of Callaway's finest golf balls

Callaway Warbird golf balls

RRP £19.99 per dozen | TO OFFER
Construction of golf balls
Tri-Blend Ionomer Cover | Colours Yellow white

The Callaway Warbird golf ball was designed for golfers who want more penetrating ball flight and a ball that goes farther. Someone once described the experience as hitting a rock and you need to have serious clubhead speed to exploit its strength.

Still available in white or yellow, it features a large, soft, high-energy core that increases ball speed. Callaway’s HEX aerodynamics help reduce drag and generate even better low-speed lift for more penetrating ball flight.

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How do I choose the best golf ball for my game?

Choosing the right golf ball can be a minefield. The major golf brands alone (Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Srixon, Bridgestone and Wilson) have more than 40 different models to choose from… and that doesn’t include choosing different colors or alignment aids.

To the untrained eye, most golf balls promise similar benefits – more speed, more distance, less spin with a driver, more spin with a wedge, along with great feel. Researching them all and testing a few to find one that complements your game is well beyond the attention span of most club golfers.

But after years of testing and adjusting, we know that determining the right ball for your game and handicap can contribute to lower scores. We also know it can be expensive and you want the best golf balls for your buck.

Where should you start when choosing a golf ball?

We’ve categorized all the leading balls from the major manufacturers (as well as seven direct selling brands that sell online) so you can see clearly which balls offer similar benefits and how to choose between different models when there’s more than one option in a single one Category. We’ve also included information from our tests to highlight which ones have performed well for us.

Start by setting a budget and be honest about how much you can realistically spend on golf balls in a season. The typical club golfer gets through six dozen (72) balls a year (less if you buy one of our recommended golf ball retrievers) and playing the same ball over and over is a huge benefit.

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